Jabo, Leroy, and I were discussing the presidential campaign and how Palin was dogging Obama and trying to put some phone hurt on him when Alvin rattle his newspaper. We stopped talking, thinking he had something to say about the campaign.

“What did tell you guys, huh? Didn’t I say Mugabe won’t bout to share power with nobody, huh, didn’t I?”

Jabo spoke before I could open my mouth. “That you did, Alvin my man, that you did. And we appreciate you bring our attention to the mother land.”

“Ha, ha, funny, Jabo. They fightin over how to divvy up the ministries cause Mugabe don’t want to give Tsvangirai no kinda power. Man, the other day Mugabe got mad cause our ambassador played golf with Tsvangirai. He think they conspiring against him. Hell, he may be right.”

I didn’t understand why Alvin was so caught up in what was happening in Africa, but I added what I could to the discussion. “Well, Alvin, old buddy, things might get worse before they get better. You know Mbeki, who was mediating the dispute, is not longer president of South Africa. That throws another monkey wrench into the mess in Zimbabwe.”

“Yeah, it sure do,” said Leroy, “man them Africans ain’t doin so good, are they?”

“Leroy,” answered Jabo, “as usual, you don’t know what you talkin bout. They havin a little trouble in Zimbabwe and big trouble in South Africa but that don’t mean the whole continent in trouble. Man, look at the Middle East, they got trouble governing themselves, too.”

“You right, Jabo, now could we get back to the election,” I suggested. “As I was about to say, Palin keep calling Obama a terrorist…”

“No, Louis, now git it right,” Jabo interjected, “she said he associate with a terrorist, meaning that fellow who did some blowing up things back in the sixties when Obama was just a boy.”

“Anyway,” I said, “it is danger3ous what she is doing. Look, some crazy might get the idea that she suggesting he go after Obama. At one of speeches, somebody in the audience yelled ‘kill him,’ and that is dangerous. I tell you I fear for Obama’s life.”

“Amen, to that,” Alvin agreed, “but all we can do is pray that nothin happens to him.”



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