Alvin has told me, his creator, he wishes to speak directly to folks in blogland, Internetland, and Cyberspace, and that, therefore, I will let him write the blog and leave off any reference to his friends Jabo and Leroy. In fact, he’ll dictate to me and I’ll do the typing and posting to the blog. You see, Alvin is computer and Internet illiterate.

So, here is Alvin, his own self.

You know, I been thinking bout all the political mess goin on around us common folks. I mean them talkin heads on TV and in the papers always tellin us how to think. But they, themselves, don’t use common sense. So what I intend to do is use my common sense and talk like common folks to you’ll.

Look at that mess in Illinois. Now anybody with an ounce of common sense knows it is hard to find an innocent politician. I lived in Chicago for a few years back in the sixties when Daley was mayor, and them boys was smooth, smooth as jello. They didn’t do what the idiot of a governor did. They didn’t get caught with their pants down. I mean how stupid can you get, talkin on the phone about what you want for the senate seat what Obama left. Man, it’s like them idiots who think their emails is secret. Don’t they know by now anybody can see them?

I would think any politician in his right mind would have seen how them other ones—the dude in California and the one in Louisiana—was caught.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t think all politicians are crooks but a whole bunch of’m are. Me, I always vote for the politician what is innocent, cause I ain’t put no crooks in office.



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