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The excerpt below is from the October 30 Washington Post. I became interested in the article about how badly Federal Government agencies write because I worked for 34 years for the Federal Government. Each year, just like now, a bunch of folks, politicians, academics, columnists, said the same thing: the government should use “plain language,” and the issue should be addressed immediately. Some politician always threatens legislation to make agencies write clearly so citizens can understand.

I went though training every year on how to write clear and easy to understand letters and other documents. Yet nothing ever changed. And I see that nothing aint changed since I retired back in 1996.

The Education Department is only one of many agencies that dont know how to use plain, easily understandable English.

This is an excerpt from an Education Department regulation that was published in Wednesday’s Federal Register. Read at your peril.
8) Notwithstanding the requirements of paragraphs (c)(6) through (c)(9) of this section, a school is not required to deliver loan proceeds in more than one installment if — (i)(A) The student’s loan period is not more than one semester, one trimester, one quarter, or, for non term-based schools or schools with non-standard terms, 4 months; and (B)(1) Except as provided in paragraph (c)(8)(i)(B)(2) of this section, the school in which the student is enrolled has a cohort default rate, calculated under subpart M of 34 CFR part 668, of less than 10 percent for each of the three most recent fiscal years for which data are available; or (2) For loan disbursements made on or after October 1, 2011, the school in which the student is enrolled has a cohort default rate, calculated under either subpart M or subpart N of 34 CFR part 668 of less than 15 percent for each of the three most recent fiscal years for which data are available; or (ii) The school is an eligible home institution certifying a loan to cover the student’s cost of attendance in a study abroad program and has a cohort default rate, calculated under subpart M or subpart N of 34 CFR part 668, of less than 5 percent for the single most recent fiscal year for which data are available.



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I got to mention two more attacks on President Obama. Based on these attacks, some folks seem to think he’s a dangerous man.

On October 15, Yahoo News had an article on its website an opinion piece from The Nation online ‘zine. It seems some folks think President Obama is “obnoxiously articulate.” My god, an articulate president! The country is going to the dogs in a hand basket.

I first read about the second attack in my hometown news paper. Lamar Alexander is one of the senators from my state of Tennessee. I voted for the man cause I thought he’d make a good senator. But now, here he is blaming President Obama for fighting back against the lies and misrepresentations the Republicans and others have said about his administration and him personally.

Alexander claims that the Obama administration making an enemies list kinda like former president Nixon did.

It seems he and other Republicans don’t like it the Obama administration taking on it critics from the media and interest groups. I think they especially don’t like him taking on Fox News, the PR firm for the Republican Party. What they want is for him to sit down and shut up so the lies and misrepresentation can continue. Them folks don’t want no opposing views heard, especially from the man they are attacking.

Their stance is just plain un-American.

But it says one thing: President Obama just might be winning the battle of words.


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This morning I read an Associate Press story that made ask myself how can a person racist activities not make a person a racist? And I still don’t see how it is possible.

A White justice of the peace in a small town in Louisiana refused to marry an interracial couple (a Black man and White woman) because his experience showed such marriages don’t work.

The justice said he “is not racist. I just don’t believe in mixing the races that way.”

One of his reasons is the children of such marriages suffer. Mind you, now, he has “piles and piles of black friends. They come to my home, I marry them, they use my bathroom. I treat them just like everyone else.” He, of course, researched the problem: he discussed it with Blacks and Whites and witness some interracial marriages and concluded that neither Black nor White society accepts the children of such marriages.

I don’t think it would do any good to tell him that I also have seen interracial marriages and the children were accepted by both Blacks and Whites. Or that Tiger Woods and his wife don’t seem to have a problem because he’s part Black and she is White.

How long oh Lord, how long will it be before we conquer that old devil racism?


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The Nobel Prize committee awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to our President, Barack Obama.

While some, especially them fellows what calls themselves Republicans are mad about it, I say CONGRATULATIONS MR. PRESIDENT.

How come them Nobel fellows to give our President the prize? To quote one report for “his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.” They also noted his efforts “to pursue a world without nuclear weapons.”

Okay, I’m aware the Pres done been in office only nine months, but man he been working hard them nine months to get them world leaders to see that peace is better than war and especially nuclear war. Them Nobel fellows wanted to reward him for his tireless efforts. Who knows what he may accomplish down the road?

For once cant we put aside the rancor and be proud that the President of the United States was given the Nobel Peace Prize?

The way I see it, them Republicans want to see the President fail cause they believe it’ll help them win the next election. What I’m thinkin is they dont give a damn bout whether the country is headed for hell in a hand basket, just so they win the presidency in 2012. How come that kind of thinkin aint considered un-American?


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I dont claim to be no expert on foreign affairs. Hell, I aint no expert on nothin but common sense.

What I’m thinkin bout is why do countries like Iran and North Korea, and others was well, fire off test missiles when the US or other countries want to talk bout their nuclear programs. I mean do they really think the US, Israel, or any other country gon be so afraid that they say, “hey, my man, forget bout it. Build all them nuclear bombs you want.”

Hey, Iran, we know you got some missiles. But, baby, we got more than you.

As for that crazy man in North Korea, buddy, you may have a missile that can reach California but we got 10 that can reach you.

As for that dude Chavez, well, he aint got no missiles but he always talkin bout US gon attack his country. Now he must think folks stupid. That just an excuse for him to buy more guns and stuff, mainly to make sure he got nough guns to keep him in power. He talk bad but I wonder if push come to shove can he walk the walk? I mean do he really want to start a war in South America? My advice: hey man, you cant be the king of South America.

Well, that’s what the philosopher of common sense thinks bout some of the foreign news.


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