Man, I tell you being Black in America is a hard job, even in the era of the first Black president. The recession done hurt us more than any other Americans. Theys more of us outa work and more done lost they homes cause of the mortgage mess them White folks started.

More racism is accepted on TV and other places what put out the news. We all know President Obama done got goo-gabs of hate mail.

Man, the Congressional Black Caucus wants the President to do something bout the mess we Blacks in. We still gettin the short end of the stick.

The problem is they aint too much the Pres can do. Let’s face Black folks, without the White folks, Obama would not have become president. Now you askin him to make a special effort to give us Black folks some special favors? Get Real. It aint gonna happen. Cause he still got to deal with the White folks. He cant do it.

So, come on, let’s give the Pres a break.

Maybe some of them programs the politicians talkin bout will help us as well as other folks in America.



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  1. Isn’t this just shameful. Put up a black face as your avitar to push racist idiocy. How smart of you. You must feel like a really big smart boy. Grow up!

  2. Leigh

    Mr. Sentinel, I’ve gotten to know our host over the past year and I don’t see him as racist.

    One of my friends is a regular listener of right-wing radio but he’s a fair man. He stood up to fellow ‘conservatives’ (wing nuts) and said two things:

    1. All the nonsense about Obama being a Muslim, a communist/socialist/leftist, and not born in America is baseless when their only real problem is he’s black. As distasteful as it may be, at least trots their prejudices out in the open.

    2. It took Bush 8 years to wreck the economy and America’s reputation around the world. We owe the President more than a few months to make things right.

    It amazes me that there are still people who’d rather see Obama fail than America succeed.

  3. coffined

    The fact that you see “racist idiocy” in my remarks shows you lack the ability to read. Apparently, in your mind, any one, even Blacks, who criticize other Blacks is “a racist.” Learn to read.