I’ve been reading in various magazine articles claiming we old folks (I don’t like being called a senior citizen) are a current and future burden on the economy, health care, and just about anything else some young pundit can think of. We are sometimes pawns in the political game. During the debates on health care, one side tried to scare the bejesus out of us with the claim that the bill would set up “death panels.”

Now maybe some of you young bloods resent me taking up space and not being productive as I was in my younger years. Too bad.

When they were young, My mother and aunts supported my grandmothers, and I and my cousins supported our parents through taxes that paid for Social Security and Medicare. Now my kids support me and other old folks through paying taxes.

One of the duties of government is to see that we old heads are cared for in our declining years. Most of us live on pensions that sometimes are not enough to pay all of our bills, especially if we get sick.

I did my part during my productive years, and now that I’m not as productive, I don’t expect to go into the woods and lie down and provide food for the animals.

What I do expect of my government, which taxes my pension, so you see, I still pay taxes, is to help me when I can no longer help myself.

You young bloods must accept the fact that you, too, will be old one day and I wonder if you will see yourselves as a burden on society.


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  1. eggplantinspace

    You tell ’em Alvin. You are absolutely right.
    To be honest, middle aged employers are finding more and more that the experience old folks have is increasingly valuable to a firm.
    Most businesses would be mad to ignore the grey dollar, as this market is simply loaded with cash.
    And right now, there has never been a more appropriate time for a mature calm head to pacify worried and nervous staff concerned about how a recession will hit.
    There is a very good reason why the president must be of a certain age.

    Young heads nowerdays have had so much given to them, and have been brought up on a dream of winning a lottery and winning american idol that the concept of hard work, or good attendance, or responsible attitudes, or social compliance simply doesnt enter their brains.