Many folks want the lawyers who wrote the torture memos and the doctors and psychologists who devised the methods of torture to be punished for giving wrong advice to the President of the United States.

The philosopher of common sense thinks the wrong people are being blamed for the torture of “prisoners of war” held by the US government. Sure the staff people gave the advice, but consider this, would they have given the advice if they hadn’t been asked or probably told to justify what some in the Administration at the time had already decided to do? The Decider didn’t have to follow the advice. The Decider or someone close to him could have said “this is wrong.”

You are a doctor or a psychologist and are asked to come up with ways to make  prisoners talk. Two choices: quit or do the job. You are told the president needs your help to defend the nation against the terrorists who might stage another attack any day now. The prisoners, you are told, may have valuable information that could prevent another attack on the US. You come up with some methods. Again, the Deciders don’t have to use the methods. But, they believe the methods will get results and haven’t their staff lawyers justified the use of torture as legal?

The blame, it seems to the philosopher of common sense, belongs with the person or persons who made the decision to torture “prisoners of war” to extract information.



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  1. I suppose so – if one cares so little about American lives and so much about Muslim terrorists’ comfort that they believe what was done to the illegal combatants (a particular breed of war criminal technically subject to summary military justice, i.e., shoot on sight) was wrong and/or illegal in the first place.

    Of course, America is sadly plagued by those who love enemies and hate the country that foolishly but bravely allows them to live within its borders.

  2. coffined

    So, why didn’t they just line them up and shoot them, as you suggest, since they are war criminals.

    To behave as the enemy is to loose our since of how civilize people act. If we are a nation of laws, then the law applies. Even the military follows rules regarding obtaining information from the enemy, and those rules do not include torture. Louis

  3. There are several reasons why they weren’t just executed on the field, as you well know. Not the least of which was that we needed the information they had in order to save American lives.

    I can find no reason for anyone to have a complaint about how we treated these vermin other than that they so hate Americans that they are unwilling to visit discomfort and/or pain upon the filth who would kill them.

    As for “civilized” – that’s a recipe for failure and death when dealing with creatures such as we fight. We need to put that aside and do whatever is necessary to the foreign threat in order to end it permanently.