One of the great things about the US OF A is we can disagree with each other without resorting to violence. Or at least that is what I once believed. Then I thought about the Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement. Our disagreement about what the nation stood for in both instants led to violent reaction from the other side.

I am aware that protesting is as American as apple pie (I aint so sure bout the pie thing, though).

I aint got no definition of what makes a patriot. But common sense tells me one thing: what some of the tea party folks and some of the state politicians are doing dont seem like patriotism to me. Threatening lawmakers with violence because they vote for a bill you dislike aint civil, and if it aint civil, it aint patriotic. Express you displeasure in a civil manner, even call him or her names if you will.

And them state politicians know full, darn well that they can’t nullify (a small word with a big meaning) a federal law. Federal law trumps state law, and they know it. Using the healthcare law to win some folks over so they’ll vote for you aint patriotism. It’s a scam is what it is.

Keep one thing in mind: next time you may win, and then, of course, you’ll protest bout the losers violent protesting.

For those edge on the violent protesters, simple saying you disapprove of the extremist in your party while at the same time currying their favor isn’t enough. Dont encourage them with your fiery rhetoric.

Them folks who threaten to do physical harm to the Congress persons who voted for the healthcare bill aint no patriots. They’re hooligans pretending to be patriotic.



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