If illegals are undocumented, how does a pollster tell how many are in the country or a state? In other words, how does anyone know there are 500,000 illegals in AZ? One aspect of an illegal immigrant’s behavior is hiding for fear of deportation. Man, they stay out of sight.

How do I tell whether governments secrets will harm national security if revealed or whether they are hiding government incompetency or mistakes? I can’t, and aint no government gonna reveal its incompetency or mistakes, especially mistakes in war that costs lives.

Why would the US keep secret the fact that the Taliban used a heat seeking missile to bring down a helicopter? I would have said, damn, them guys used a missile that we probably gave them a long time ago. Maybe they didn’t want the Taliban to know how effective the missiles are. More likely they didn’t want the public (us) to know them Taliban done used one of the weapons we probably gave them to kill some of our troops.

Why do people continue to use negative ads close to election election time? It works. Ask any politician if he or she plans to use negative ads, and, he’ll say Lord no. He or she will disavow negative ads by groups on his behalf. Ask any voter if he or she responds to negative ads, and she or he will also Lord no. And yet, they work.

Will Sarah Palin run for president in 2012? She’s good at self-promotion but her experience as governor says she aint the skills and abilities to run the country.



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