Sarah Palin amazes me. Not the woman herself. No, the phenomenon that is Sarah Palin amazes me. At the same time, it proves that in America anybody can run for president.

She is an obscure individual who managed to become the first female mayor of a city in Alaska and first female governor of Alaska, which indicates she seems to have political street smarts. This is amazing because, though her captured audiences think the platitudes and clever sound bites coming out of her mouth are profound, based on what I read in the mainstream press and online about her, she doesn’t seem say anything profound or significant.

After reading the article “How Sarah Barracuda Becomes President” by John Heilemann in the New York Magazine, I think she is running, not thinking about it, but actually running for President of the United States.

The real question is “is she qualified?”

Several Republican big wigs don’t think so, including her erstwhile running mate John McCain.

I have no way of judging her philosophy of governing because she avoids the mainstream press and avoids debates that would provide a clue to her philosophy of governing.

To show her true toughness and that she has the ability to govern the nation, she must engage in the rough and tumble that is politics; she must debate and answer questions from unfriendly reporters. Hiding in the Fox news studio and communicating via twitter tells me nothing about the woman who wants to be president of these United States.

Until she engages the unfriendly press, I must conclude that she has not shown she is qualified to be President of these United States.

Qualified or not, she could be the Republican nominee for U. S. President in 2012.



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