“Did you guys see the morning papers? Obama picked Biden to be his Vice President,” Jabo shouted the news at us as he entered the shop.

“Who is Biden,” asked Leroy, “man, he ain’t got no name recognition.”

“Leroy,” I replied, “don’t you watch TV?”

“Sho, I watch the judge shows, you know, Judge Judy, Judge Brown, and I watch BET.”

“Forget Leroy, I tell Obama done hit himself a homeroom,” crowed Jabo.

“All right, you jive turkeys, I get what youall tryin to say,” Alvin said, “I got to admit he made a smart move selectin Biden. I never said he wasn’t smart. But, youall got to admit, the boy ain’t got the experience to be the leader of this great country.”

“My, my, Alvin, I never thought I hear you sound like a politician running for office,” I teased. “But as somebody said, I don’t remember who, being a war hero don’t mean McCain has the experience. Anyway, Biden makes up for Obama’s lack of experience in foreign affairs.”

“All right, but what he gon do bout the military, huh, who he gon get with experience in fightin terrorists?” Alvin said smugly.

“Not to change the subject, but you know what I’ve been wondering,” I said.

“No, by god,” Alvin chirped, “but I bet you gon change the subject and tell us.”

“Yes, I am, jive turkey. It is still pertinent to the subject. The office of vice president is independent of the office of president, I mean, we can vote separately for the VP, you know what I’m saying. Then how come the presidential nominee always gets to choose the VP for his party? No one said a word. I was talking to myself, thinking out loud.”

“I am gonna change the subject,” said Alvin, “you all see the Olympics? Man, the  Redeem Team did it, they brought the Gold Medal back where it belongs, right in the good on U. S. of A. Boy, now the world knows we still got the greatest players.”

“Well,,” I interjected, “Obama is going for the more than 270 electoral votes he needs to win”

Of course nobody paid any attention to what I said.


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