Alvin sat up in the barber chair, shook the newspaper, and made a noise with his mouth to get our attention. We turned our attention toward him.

“Well,” he began, “Obama is in trouble.”

“Alvin,” I responded, “what have you been drinking?”

Jabo smiled. “He ain’t for Obama no more. He goin for McCain again. Okay, Alvin, what makes you think McCain can win this time?”

“Sarah Palin.”

As usual, Leroy was a little behind the times. “Sarah who?”

“Man,” I said, “you been drinking some that rotgut moonshine? She bringing too much baggage with her to the big dance.”

“Yeah,” Jabo interjected, “a pregnant daughter and she fired some dude when she was governor cause he wouldn’t fire her brother-in-law.”

“Hey, you jive turkeys, did youall hear her speak, huh? No, you did not. She got them folks stirred up, and I betcha she stirred up a lotta folks who watched on TV.”

“Alvin, you have never watched a speech on TV in your life,” I reminded him.

“You right, there, brother,” he replied, “but I read about it in the newspapers and heard about it on the news, smarty pants. She is the superwoman from Alaska, and boy she gon give Joe Biden a run for his money in them debates.”

“You know Alvin, the vice president rides into office on the coat tails of the president, but in the case of McCain and Palin, I’m wondering is he riding on her coattails.” I threw the idea at him and waited for his response.


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