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One of the best weapons against terrorists, homegrown or foreign, is the alertness of us citizens. We have been very lucky so far this year that citizens recognized and took action against two would-be bombers. The latest incident involving a Pakistan-American citizen also showcased the quick action of the New York police and federal authorities, despite some mistakes, in apprehending the suspect after a citizen reported to an officer that he had seen smoking coming from a parked car in Times Square.

What bothers me is why American citizens of Middle Eastern descent attack America. Both the the Army base killer and the car bomber are US citizens. Neither of them seemed to be poor and both apparently had done well as US citizens. Yet, they chose to bite the hand that fed them. I find it hard to believe it was entirely due to Islamic ideology when they could look around them and see that the radical ideology of some islamists is not true about America.

We are not perfect. We are not as some want to claim exceptional. We are still a nation trying to figure out who we are. Some want to go against some of our most cherished values in fighting terrorism. They want to take away the citizenship of anyone who is accused of an act of terrorism even before they have been convicted. Why do they want to do this? To deprive the suspect of the basic American right not to talk to authorities without a lawyer.

And let us not forget the brouhaha over torture.

The threat of terrorism, it seems, has made some us lose our minds.


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